Real-time analytics provides actionable intelligence to drive DevOps, Orchestration and SDN applications
Scaleable monitoring of network, compute and application infrastructure using embedded industry standard sFlow instrumentation
Platform for open source analytics based visibility and control applications with active developer community

sFlow-RT® incorporates InMon's asynchronous analytics technology (U.S. Patents 8838774, 9509583, 9712443, 9722926), providing real-time visibility to Software Defined Networking (SDN), DevOps and Orchestration stacks and enabling new classes of performance aware automation such as load balancing, DDoS mitigation and workload placement.

The sFlow-RT analytics engine receives a continuous telemetry stream from sFlow Agents embedded in network devices, hosts and applications and converts the raw measurements into actionable metrics, accessible through the RESTflow® API. The RESTflow API makes it easy for to configure customized measurements, retrieve metrics, set thresholds, and receive notifications. Applications can be external, written in any language that supports HTTP/REST calls, or internal, using sFlow-RT's embedded JavaScript/ECMAScript engine. Integrates BGP, Flowspec, and HTTP for automated control of network devices through REST APIs or via BGP.

Network visibility is essential to understanding the interaction between scale-out services running on cloud infrastructure. By combining network, host and application monitoring within an integrated analytics pipeline, sFlow-RT provides visibility into applications and the server and network resources needed to sustain performance.

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